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  • 2006       : The Most Popular Oral Presentation of the 2006 Chemical Engineering Postgraduate Event held by School of Chemical Engineering, The University of Adelaide, Australia

  • 2008       :   Visiting researcher at Chemical Engineering Department – National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan, Research Grant on topic “Isolation of Starch from Taiwanese Defatted Rice Bran”, October-December 2008

  • 2009       :  Runner Up Outstanding Lecturer, Widya Mandala Surabaya Catholic University

  • 2011       :   Runner Up Outstanding Lecturer, Kopertis VII – East Java Region

  • 2015       :   First Winner of Outstanding Lecturer, Kopertis VII – East Java Region

  • 2015       : 107 Indonesia Innovations (Brownies Pare, Sehat Kaya Manfaat / Chewy Healthy Bitter-Gourd Brownies)

  • 2018       : 2018 Professor Lee-Chia-Ping’s Filial Piety Scholarship Award for outstanding academic and research performance, Department of Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, Taiwan

  • 2018       : “Research Scholarship for International Graduate Students” 2018 CTCI Foundation Science and Technology Scholarships Award, Taiwan


Track Record

  1. Jasa konsultasi dan pendampingan untuk PT Graha Alam Sempurna (2015-2017)

  2. Jasa konsultasi dan pendampingan untuk PT HM Sampoerna (2015-2016)

  3. Jasa konsultasi dan pendampingan untuk PT Hartono Istana (2013-2014)

  4. Jasa konsultasi dan pendampingan untuk PT Sadhana  (2012-2013)

  5. Jasa konsultasi dan pendampingan untuk PT Liku Telaga, PT NPG, PT Gecko (2010-2012)

Girls Studying

Selected Publications

  1. M Yuliana, SP Santoso, FE Soetaredjo, S Ismadji, A Ayucitra, AE Angkawijaya, Y-H Ju, PL Tran-Nguyen, 2020, “A one-pot synthesis of biodiesel from leather tanning waste using supercritical ethanol: Process optimization”, Biomass and Bioenergy, 142, 105761.

  2. C Gunarto, Y-H Ju, JN Putro, PL Tran-Nguyen, FE Soetaredjo, SP Santoso, A Ayucitra, AE Angkawijaya, and Suryadi Ismadji, 2020, “Effect of a Nonionic Surfactant on the Pseudoternary Phase Diagram and Stability of Microemulsion”, J. Chem. Eng. Data, 65, 4024−4033.

  3. Y-H Ju, A Go, NNF Sari, M-J Wang, RC Agapay, A Ayucitra, 2019, “Preparation of epoxidized fatty acid ethyl ester from tung oil as a bio-lubricant base-stock”, Waste and Biomass Valorization, 1-11.

  4. W Irawaty and A Ayucitra, 2018, “Assessment on antioxidant and in vitro antidiabetes activities of different fractions of Citrus hystrix peel”, International Food Research Journal, 25(6), 2467-2477.

  5. A Ayucitra, C Gunarto, V Kurniawan, SB Hartono, 2017, “Preparation and Characterisation of Biosorbent from Local Robusta Spent Coffee Grounds for Heavy Metal Adsorption”, Chemical Engineering Transactions, 56, 1441-1446.

  6. A Ayucitra, W Irawaty, Stefanus, K Jonathan, CD Hartono, AT Nugraha, 2016, “Optimization of phenolic compounds extraction from Averrhoa bilimbi and Citrus hystrix using statistical design of experiment”, ARPN Journal of Engineering and Applied Sciences, 11(23), 13783-13789.

  7. S Ismadji, DS Tong, FE Soetaredjo, A Ayucitra, WH Yu, CH Zhou, 2016, “Bentonite hydrochar composite for removal of ammonium from Koi fish tank”, Applied Clay Science, 119, 146-154.

  8. F Gunawan, A Kurniawan, I Gunawan, Y-H Ju, A Ayucitra, FE Soetaredjo, S Ismadji, 2014, “Synthesis of biodiesel from vegetable oils wastewater sludge by in-situ subcritical methanol transesterification: Process evaluation and optimization”, Biomass and Bioenergy, 69, 28-38

  9. A Ayucitra, 2012, “Preparation and characterisation of acetylated corn starches”, International Journal of Chemical Engineering and Applications, 3 (3), 156-159.

  10. C Fabian, A Ayucitra, S Ismadji, and Y-H Ju, 2011, “Isolation and characterisation of starch from defatted rice bran”, Journal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers, 42, 86-91.


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