CED367 - Transport Phenomena and Unit Operation III



Course length

150 minutes / week





About the course

Prerequisite courses

CED319 - Transport Phenomena and Unit Operation II

Course description and learning objectives

Student completing this course will be able to assosiate mass transfer concept in various separation processes.

Topics include

1. Basic principle of mass transfer
2. Vapor-liquid separation
3. Gas-liquid separation
4. Liquid-liquid and fluid-solid separation
5. Membrane separation


1. Geankoplis, C. J., 2003. Transport Processes and Separation Process Principles, 4 ed., New Jersey: Prentice Hall.
2. McCabe, W. L., Smith, J. C., Harriott, P., 2005. Unit Operations of Chemical Engineering, 7 ed., New York: McGraw-Hill Book Co.

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