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  • 2020: Artikel Ilmiah Berkualitas Tinggi Bidang Non Kesehatan dan Obat (Kemenristek)

  • 2020: Dosen Berprestasi Peringkat I, UKWMS

  • 2016: The Phi Tau Phi Scholastic Honor Society of Republic of China

  • 2016: Professor Lee-Chia Ping’s Filial Piety


Track Record

  1. Postdoctoral researcher for in Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology, Academia Sinica, Taiwan

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Selected Publications

  1. V. Bundjaja, S.P. Santoso*, A.E. Angkawijaya, M. Yuliana, F.E. Soetaredjo, S. Ismadji, A. Ayucitra, C. Gunarto, Y-H. Ju, M-H. Ho, Fabrication of cellulose carbamate hydrogel-dressing with rarasaponin surfactant for enhancing adsorption of silver nanoparticles and antibacterial activity, 118 (2021) 111542.

  2. S.P. Santoso*, A.E. Angkawijaya, M. Yuliana, V. Bundjaja, F.E. Soetaredjo, S. Ismadji, A.W. Go, P.L. Tran-Nguyen, A. Kurniawan, Y.H. Ju, Saponin-intercalated organoclays for adsorptive removal of β-carotene: Equilibrium, reusability, and phytotoxicity assessment, J. Taiwan. Inst. Chem. Eng., Accepted Article 6 Dec 2020, In Press.

  3. A.E. Angkawijaya, S.P. Santoso*, V. Bundjaja, F.E. Soetaredjo, C. Gunarto, A. Ayucitra, A.W. Go, S. Ismadji, Studies on the performance of bentonite and its composite as phosphate adsorbent and phosphate supplementation for plant, J. Hazard. Mater., 399 (2020) 123130.

  4. V. Bundjaja, S.P. Santoso, A.W. Go, R. Wijaya, C.T. Truong, M. Yuliana, F.E. Soetaredjo, Y.H. Ju, A.E. Angkawijaya*, Protocatechuic acid-metal-nicotine complexation study for chelation of smoking-related poisoning, J. Mol. Liq., 312 (2020) 113428.

  5. V. Bundjaja, T.M. Sari, F.E. Soetaredjo, M. Yuliana, A.E. Angkawijaya, S. Ismadji, K.-C. Cheng, S.P. Santoso*, Aqueous sorption of tetracycline using rarasaponin-modified nanocrystalline cellulose, J. Mol. Liq., 301 (2020) 112433.

  6. A.W. Go*, T.Y.N. Pham, C.T. Truong, K.L. Quijote, A.E. Angkawijaya, R.C. Agapay, C. Gunarto, Y-H. Ju, S.P. Santoso, Improved solvent economy and rate of rice bran lipid extraction using hydrolyzed rice bran with hexane as solvent, Biomass Bioenerg., 142 (2020) 105773.

  7. S.P. Santoso, C.-C. Chou, S.-P. Lin, F.E. Soetaredjo, S. Ismadji, C.-W. Hsieh, K.-C. Cheng*, Enhanced production of bacterial cellulose by Komactobacter intermedius using statistical modeling, Cellulose, 27 (2020) 2497-2509.

  8. F.G.B. Parte, S.P. Santoso, C.-C. Chou, V. Verma, H.-T. Wang, S. Ismadji, K.-C. Cheng*, Current progress on the production, modification, and applications of bacterial cellulose, Crit. Rev. Biotechnol., 40 (2020) 397-414.

  9. S.P. Santoso*, A. Kurniawan, F.E. Soetaredjo, K.-C. Cheng, J.N. Putro, S. Ismadji, Y.-H. Ju, Eco-friendly cellulose–bentonite porous composite hydrogels for adsorptive removal of azo dye and soilless culture, Cellulose, 26 (2019) 3339-3358.

  10. J.N. Putro, S. Ismadji, C. Gunarto, M. Yuliana, S.P. Santoso, F.E. Soetaredjo, Y.-H. Ju*, The effect of surfactants modification on nanocrystalline cellulose for paclitaxel loading and release study, J. Mol. Liq., 282 (2019) 407–414.


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