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Track Record

  1. 2015-2016: Design of clove dryer, PT. H.M. Sampoerna Tbk, Surabaya, Jawa Timur.

  2. 2015: Design of fractional distillation column for neem oil purification, Pamotan Village, Malang, East Java.

  3. 2013-2014: Design of wastewater treatment system, PT. Hartono Istana, Central Java.

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Selected Publications

  1. Ronald, Gracia Anderson, Shella Permatasari Santoso, Wenny Irawaty, “Green reduction of graphene oxide using kaffir lime peel extract (Citrus hystrix) and its application as adsorbent for methylene blue”, Scientific Report, 2020, Vol. 10, article number: 667:1-9.

  2. Wenny Irawaty, Aning Ayucitra, “Assessment on antioxidant and in vitro antidiabetes activities of different fractions of Citrus hystrix peel”, International Food Research Journal, 2018, Vol. 25(6): 2467-2477.

  3. Adi Tama Nugraha, Harris Kristanto, Aning Ayucitra, Wenny Irawaty, “Optimization of domestic microwave maceration extraction of phenolic compounds from Averrhoa bilimbi using statistical response surface methodology”, International Food Research Journal, 2016, Vol. 23(1): 26-29.

  4. Adi Purnomo, Yulius Andy Wijaya Yudiantoro, Jindrayani Nyoo Putro, Adi Tama Nugraha, Wenny Irawaty, Suryadi Ismadji, “Subcritical water hydrolysis of durian seeds waste for bioethanol production”, International Journal of Industrial Chemistry, 2016, Vol. 7(1): 29-37.

  5. Jason Scott, Wenny Irawaty, Gary Low, Rose Amal, “Enhancing the catalytic oxidation capacity of Pt/TiO2 using a light pre-treatment approach”, Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, 2015, Vol. 164: 10-17.

  6. Wenny Irawaty, Donia Friedmann, Jason Scott, Pierre Pichat, Rose Amal, “Photocatalysis in TiO2 aqueous suspension: Effects of mono- or di-hydroxyl substitution of butanedioic acid on the disappearance and mineralisation rates”, Catalysis Today, 2011, 178(1): 51-57.

  7. Wenny Irawaty, Donia Friedmann, Jason Scott, Rose Amal, “Relationship between mineralization kinetics and mechanistic pathway during malic acid photodegradation”, Journal of Molecular Catalysis A: Chemical, 2011, 335(1-2): 151-157.


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